Balm versus cream

Balm or Cream, which one do I need?

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It’s always hard to choose between Taylor’s CBD Balm or Taylor’s CBD Cream.  They both do the same thing, which is to relieve pain and calm inflammation, they both have 1000mg of CBD, both are easy to put in a golf bag, handbag or gym bag, in fact any bag!  It’s all about preference and what will suit your lifestyle.

Cream vs Balm

The main difference between a cream or balm is that creams are normally made with a base of an oil and balms with a butter base.   Taylor’s CBD Deep Relief Cream has a Grapeseed Oil base while the Balm has a Cacao Seed Butter base.   This determines the consistency; the cream has a lighter consistency while the balm is richer in texture.

The People’s Choice

Some people prefer the Deep Relief Cream because it has a cooling formula, this is especially good if you are always feeling hot which may give you discomfort.  It also has Vitamin E, which is especially good if you have arthritis in the finger joints and you find your hands are sore or dry.

On the other hand, balms seal in moisture so if your work involves handling harsh liquids or water then a balm might be better on the hands.   Many people like the feeling of a balm, it is warming and creamer.

Both absorb quickly and you don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way.

One of the differences between both products is the scent.  Taylor’s CBD Balm has a eucalyptus fragrance while the Cream has a more menthol aroma.

Whatever one you choose you can be certain of one thing, they both work in the same way which is to bind with the Cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system.  This system is responsible for energy balance, appetite stimulation, pain, memory and learning.

Balm or Cream – it’s up to you!

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